Five Creative Ways to Use a Post Card for Your Business

The traditional 4 x 6 post card is still commonly used for event promotion but it can also be an excellent marketing tool for a business. It provides more space for you to demonstrate your product or service and offer something special along with the card. They can also be made into unlimited sizes allowing you to get creative in its use. Here are five creative uses for your next post card design.


General Information Card

The infamous business card gets handed out in thousands of meetings across the world. Why not hand someone a post card, it would contain so much more information than a typical business card. Make sure you make a beautifully designed card and it includes professional high quality photos. It’s also essential that you don’t forget to add a free Sample or a call to action that makes them want to connect with your business. 



How about a card that only offers Freebies? A Free Cup of Coffee! A Free “Guide to a Better Business” Download or A Free Evaluation. The point is.. most people like Free.


Thank you Card

Let’s go back to the old tradition of sending a customer a Thank you card but not just any Thank you card, you will send them a custom designed thank you card with a beautiful graphic on one side that represents your company. It will end up costing you some postage but a handwritten thank you still goes a long way! As an extra bonus make the card bigger, maybe a 5″x 7″ card instead of a 4″x 6″.


Increase Referrals

Design one side of your post card with a beautiful picture. The other side create a statement with fillable blanks that say something like: “Your friend __________ will get a _______ % discount on his/her first visit. Compliment of ‘your business name’ and _______________________ (customer’s name). This card can go a long way in increasing customer referrals. It becomes a personal invite that can be offered by any approved member of your company team. 


Special Events/Holidays

Create a series of Holiday cards or Special Events. You can pick holidays that impact your business the most. Instead of having to wait a week or two before each holiday, why not have your holiday cards designed all at once for the upcoming year and get them printed at the same time so that you’re not rushing to get it done prior to each one. 

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