Five Creative Ways to Use a Post Card for Your Business

Postcards are a classic way to promote events and communicate with friends and family, but did you know they can also be an excellent marketing tool for your business? In fact, postcards offer more space than traditional business cards to showcase your products or services and even provide something special along with the card. Plus, they come in unlimited sizes, allowing you to get creative with your marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll explore five creative uses for your next postcard design that can help grow your business.

General Information Postcard

Business cards are a staple of professional networking, but why not try something different and hand someone a postcard instead? A postcard can hold much more information than a typical business card, and with a beautifully designed card and professional-quality photos, you can make a lasting impression. Don’t forget to include a free sample or call to action to encourage people to connect with your business.

A Postcard Freebie

Everybody loves a freebie, so why not create a postcard that offers something for nothing? It could be a free cup of coffee, a free guide to improving their business, or a free evaluation. The possibilities are endless, and this type of postcard is sure to get people talking about your business.

A Thank You Postcard

Sending a handwritten thank you card to a customer is a timeless gesture, but take it to the next level with a custom-designed card featuring a beautiful graphic that represents your company. While it may cost a bit more in postage, the impact of a thoughtful thank you card cannot be overstated. Consider using a larger size card, like a 5″ x 7″ instead of a standard 4″ x 6″, to make an even bigger impression.

Increase Referrals through a Postcard

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and a postcard can help you harness it. Design one side of the card with a beautiful image and on the other, create a statement with blank spaces that your customers can fill in with their friend’s name and a discount percentage for their first visit. When the card is handed out, it becomes a personal invitation that can be shared with others and increase customer referrals.

A Special Events/Holiday Postcard

Instead of scrambling to create holiday marketing materials every year, consider designing a series of holiday postcards in advance. Choose holidays that are most relevant to your business and get them printed all at once, so you’re prepared for the upcoming year. This approach saves time, money, and ensures your marketing materials are consistent and professional.

In conclusion, postcards offer an affordable and creative way to market your business. If you’re interested in exploring these ideas further, contact It’s Printing Time, and we’ll help you design and print the perfect postcards for your business. Email us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.