Three Brochure Planning Tips for Your Next Design

A brochure can be a fantastic way to connect with your customers, if designed correctly. Here are a three brochure planning tips for your next design.

Create an engaging brochure cover

The cover of your brochure is your first impression. It should be eye catching and contain a visual of your product or service. Don’t just place your logo on the cover, unless of course you have an award-winning logo. You want to create an emotional response whenever possible. It should make the customer want to glance inside and see what your business offers.

Ask yourself, based on my business, what will make me want to open this brochure if it were in my hands?

Use your website as an extension of your brochure

A brochure gives you many areas in which to place content. This may tempt you to write too much. This produces a brochure that may be informative but doesn’t produce a response from your reader. You want your reader to become a customer so it should be designed with a general call to action.

What do you want your reader to do once they have gathered this information?

Instead of providing too much content on the brochure, send the reader to your website for additional information. Include specific web pages that they can go to instead of being tempted to write all the information on the brochure. 

Use high graphic photos

There is nothing worse in print design than have inferior quality photos images. It’s worse than having no photos. If you can’t take high quality photos that work well with your business then buy them online but please DO NOT use bad photos or images.

We hope that these simple tips can help you begin to plan your next brochure project. If you interested in having It’s Printing Time work with you, please feel free to email us at